Menstrual leave and gender equality

congedo mestruale

Demonized, ignored, and underestimated by history and many people today, menstruation for many women means days of pain and disability. Fighting for gender equality means offering equal opportunities to everyone, and therefore creating the same working conditions. Being equal to men does not mean gritting your teeth and working despite the suffering caused by menstruation, which, we remind, is natural; it means having an optimal environment to carry out your work or studies equal to what men enjoy.

For these reasons, we at 226Lab have decided to introduce menstrual leave for all female workers in our company. Our policy allows our female employees to take advantage of paid sick hours or days during the menstrual period when they feel the need.

On the occasion of this important discussion, we have also decided to draw up a list of our commitments to our male and female workers to promote inclusion and gender equality within our company.

Our Commitments

  • Awareness: we promote an open and inclusive culture, trying to make all workers feel comfortable discussing gender issues.
  • Information: we inform our employees about their rights and educate them about menstrual cycle-related issues and gender issues.
  • Paid menstrual leave: female employees will be entitled to menstrual leave based on their individual needs.
  • Psychological well-being: we strongly believe that psychological well-being is the foundation of good work and better team cohesion. We promote a work-life balance that allows for a healthy life and the cultivation of other personal interests.
  • Listening: we remain attentive to all the needs of our employees. In case of problems or doubts, we are always available and open to reasonable and civil discussions.
  • Celebrating differences: each person is qualified by their unique characteristics that distinguish them from others. We believe that differences are a wealth, and we highlight them in our meetings: different viewpoints and ideas lead us to create always innovative and original work!
  • Flexibility: it is the key that allows us to maintain a good balance. We grant our employees flexible working hours and permissions according to their individual needs, if specific needs are brought to our attention.


Our goal is to create a healthy and collaborative working environment, where all our employees feel welcomed and included. We work tirelessly for this and are always ready to improve!