About Us

Who We Are

and how we bring your business to digital growth

We offer solutions for the development and growth of your business, from the creation of the logo up to the marketing strategy. We are specialized in creating or restyling your online presence, supporting you at every stage of the creative, operational and strategic process. Thanks to the many years of experience in digital marketingsocial media and SEA, we offer the maximization of your digital investment, ensuring high performance and successful results.

We help large companies, Swiss and international, to optimize and enhance their communication, projecting them into new markets and new opportunities.

Office - we brig your business to success toward digital growth through photo and video production - 226lab digital marketing agency - Swiss, Canton Ticino, Lugano - Italy

Our Story.

Foundation and Growth

Founded in Milan in 2016, 226Lab embarked on a new digital marketing era with a digital nomad approach and a commitment to employee well-being, especially for women. This ethos is rooted in our CEO’s personal experiences, aiming to create a work environment that balances professionalism and mental well-being. In 2019, we expanded our presence by opening a second office in Zug, Switzerland.

Service Evolution

Starting as a Creative Agency focused on content, design, and copywriting, we quickly evolved to include social media management and digital marketing. By 2018, we had expanded to app and website development. This journey enabled us to adapt and grow alongside our clients, many of whom have been with us since day one.

Challenges and Successes

Our commitment to long-term collaborations led us to develop enduring business plans and contracts, showcasing our desire to grow with our clients. Over the past year, we expanded our team, adding expertise in Project Management and international SEO, and began serving large companies globally.

Future Vision

Our goal is to make 226Lab a safe haven in the digital world, especially for women. We strive to create a balanced work-life environment and act with environmental responsibility. As Treedom partners, our commitment to sustainability is fundamental. We aim to offer comprehensive marketing solutions, becoming a trusted external department for our clients, based on mutual trust and collaboration.

Our Values.

226Lab is the ideal solution to make your business successful towards digital growth.

Smart Decisions

We are fascinated by the emotions hidden behind each brand, the passion that each of our customers puts into their products or services. We believe the key to your success and the backbone of our work it is hidden right there.

That’s why we tailor every strategy, so that you can see and recognize yourself in every result we get together.


Fashion, tourism, manifacturing, fitness… regardless your brand represents a product or a service, all the websites we create have two common strong points: the professionalism and the effort we put into building them.  Each content we create is aimed at guaranteeing the highest quality, through a process of constant research and innovation.

Technical Expertise

Our team has been, for already several years, immersed in the business environment, reason why we can ensure a great knowledge in the field of web design and digital marketing. Our goal is to create content oriented to your customers, in order to ensure your business strong credibility and success toward digital growth.

Your growth is our gain.


In the seas of digital marketing, 226Lab stands as a beacon of innovation and customization. Unlike other agencies, we don't just follow trends: we set them. Our digital nomad philosophy, combined with a commitment to sustainability and well-being, allows us to offer solutions that not only meet but anticipate market needs. Choosing 226Lab means partnering with a team that looks beyond the horizon, turning every challenge into an opportunity for joint growth, with respect for human and environmental values.

Meet our CEO

Martina Piteo, born and raised in Puglia and educated in Milan, has passionately led 226Lab from its inception. Before founding the agency, she honed her skills as an Art Director, shaping her creative and managerial acumen. Martina’s vision for 226Lab was to create a healthy, safe, and eco-sustainable work environment, coupled with a commitment to being a sincere and reliable partner for clients. Deeply committed to environmental sustainability and volunteering, particularly in blood donation organizations, she is a role model in promoting the role of women and mothers in modern society and work. Martina aspires to establish 226Lab as a benchmark for 100% online agencies, promoting eco-friendly smart working and creating Academies to pass on her knowledge to future generations.

Tools & Partners

We meet our customers’ needs using the best software and digital tools.