Make social media your friends.

We live in an increasingly social Era, a period in which not being online is more and more like not existing at all. Like it or not, without an adequate strategy on the main social media platforms, any business is already in a position to survive with difficulty. What you need is our team of 226Lab, which thanks to our skills and years of experience in social media, will build a social strategy tailored to your brand.

Strategies based on real data.

If mathematics is not an opinion, the performances are not far behind. This is why we base every strategy, decision and action on real datas and results. We embrace the Growth Hacking philosophy, distancing ourselves from traditional marketing, because we believe that dynamism and adaptation – on the basis of performance – is a fundamental point for our and our customers’ success. Accurate reports, data analysis and smart choices.

Develop engaging digital strategy.

This is where the difference between Growth Hacking and traditional marketing hides. Reaching many users is not enough, without an accurate loyalty, retention and feedback strategy. At 226Lab we are not only concerned with creating a social media presence, enhancing the brand and gaining visibility online. We want to go further, working together with you to build a solid and lasting success.

what are you waiting for?

Our offer for you.

We are ready to support you in every step of this journey, from the creation of your web image to the loyalty of your customers. We aim for a constant and 360° support. Your success is our victory, which is why we want it to last over time.

Building and Managing social media Accounts


Performance Analysis


Content Production


Social Media Marketing


Customers voice.

We work constantly to achieve maximum results.
A customer’s satisfaction is our greatest reward.

Leading Agency

Talking about digital, these guys are at the forefront. They have a mastery of the matter out of the ordinary, both at a technical and communicational level!

Maximiliano Martinez

Doors Original Restaurant

High Skills and Professionality

Really complete skills in everything related to social media. Always new ideas and high quality contents. It’s a pleasure to work with them every month!

Gaetano Remma

Resort CB

Constant Support

We work with the boys already since months. Constant availability flanked by great skills. Our corporate image has been greatly boosted, thanks to them.

Stefano Corato

Editoria Link

They are Great

Well done, the results can be seen right away, excellent knowledge of the field and customer assistance. Their organic growth strategy, especially on Istagram, has taken my business to another level.

Carla Pappi