Brand activism

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A recent and significant aspect of marketing is Brand Activism, have you ever heard of it?

What is it?

Brand activism is a phenomenon described by Philip Kotler, one of the fathers of modern marketing and a distinguished figure in this field, in the book “Brand Activism: From Purpose to Action.” This phenomenon describes the brand’s commitment to certain social, environmental, or political causes. These causes are particularly important to the audience and potential customers. Getting closer to important social issues, such as the fight against climate change, and taking action in support of those causes, for example, reducing waste, can increase the visibility of the company and its customer base.


There are two types of brand activism:

  1. Regressive: Companies pursue policies contrary to important social issues that attract public interest; the consequences can be negative for the brand and decrease profits;
  2. Progressive: Companies adopt important social causes to which their customers and potential customers are connected; these can be various issues: environmental, racial, gender-related, political, etc.

Is it Worth it?

Brand Activism has certainly become an important characteristic for every modern business. Moreover, many individuals often demand that the companies they are customers of take positions on various issues important to the community. Consumers seek companies they can identify with, where their values are shared. And this can only be an added value for your business.