What is the Web Marketing Manager (WMM)?

web marketing manager

If you’re dealing with the world of digital marketing and the new professions it has created, you may have come across the title “Web Marketing Manager.” What is it, you may be wondering. And we are here to resolve this doubt.

What is Web Marketing?

Let’s start with the basics: what is Web Marketing? Web Marketing is a type of marketing carried out, indeed, on the web, dedicated to the promotion of products and services on it. Over the years, the web has become one of the most important services to use for promoting your company. Improving your presence on it means increasing visibility and attracting new potential customers. This marketing sector has become crucial, but to fully understand how to navigate it, it is necessary to rely on experts in the field.

Web Marketing Manager

The Web Marketing Manager is a professional figure who deals, precisely, with Web Marketing. His activities are aimed at promoting a company’s products and services on the web.

The tasks of the Web Marketing Manager include:

  • Studying the market segment to target;
  • Studying competition;
  • Staying constantly updated on market trends;
  • Planning and implementing an effective marketing strategy;
  • Analyzing the results.


His objectives may include:

  • Increasing the customer audience;
  • Increasing sales;
  • Increasing company visibility.

How to Become a Web Marketing Manager?

The path to becoming a professional in this field is neither unique nor well-defined.

A piece of advice that could be useful is to attend many training courses, stay constantly informed about this sector, and above all, put yourself to the test, gain experience, and thus enhance your skills.