Trends and forecasts in digital marketing for September 2023

Digital Marketing e novità a settembre 2023 | 226Lab Agency

The continuous evolution in the field of digital marketing promises to bring revolutionary changes in September 2023. Companies must remain agile and ready to take advantage of new trends and innovative tools to remain competitive in a rapidly changing environment. And you who are reading, do you already know how digital marketing will evolve after returning from the summer break? 


Advanced AI at customer service: enriched and personalized chatbots

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence (IA) is reaching new heights in the servizio clienti. I enriched chatbots they will go beyond standard answers, offering personalized experiences. A concrete example is that of an e-commerce that uses a chatbot to guide customers through the purchase process. The chatbot can analyze the user’s browsing behavior and suggest products based on his interests, improving experience and increasing sales.


Advanced involvement: interactive videos and spectator choices among the digital news of September 2023

Video marketing will undergo a transformation with the advent of the interactive videos. For example, a fashion company could create an interactive video that allows viewers to select different styles of clothing and accessories for a virtual model. This active interaction will involve viewers at a deeper level, increasing involvement and extending the time spent on content.


Voices and purchases: voice search and research-vocal-commerce

new developments in voice research they will create direct sales opportunities. An example is an electronics company that optimizes its website for voice search. A user can say “Find the best smartphones under 500 euros” and immediately receive a list of options with details and reviews. In addition, the release of the research-vocal-commerce will allow users to make purchases vocally, radically changing the way companies sell online.


Virtual involvement: September 2023 digital marketing aims at augmented reality in social marketing

Il social media platforms will become the stage for engaging augmented reality experiences. We can think of a restaurant: it could use an AR filter on Instagram that allows users to “try” virtually different dishes on the menu. This virtual involvement will arouse the interest of consumers, prompting them to share the experience with their followers. Are the barriers gradually thinning?


Blockchain for traceability and security

The blockchain is gaining ground in the world of marketing. September 2023 will see an increase in the use of the blockchain to ensure data traceability and security. Companies could use the blockchain to authenticate the origin of their products, reassuring customers concerned about the origin and sustainability.The blockchain, in fact, originally associated with cryptocurrencies
, is making a gradual transition in multiple areas, including digital marketing. September 2023 marks a turning point in its adoption, as companies recognize the potential of this technology to ensure data traceability and security, creating a new standard of integrity and transparency in the digital ecosystem.

The blockchain it is essentially a distributed, immutable and encrypted digital register which records all transactions permanently. In the context of marketing, the blockchain offers numerous advantages, including: product authenticity, transparency in the supply chain, reduction of fraud and forgery and more transparent loyalty programs.


Are you ready for all the news that digital marketing will bring with September 2023?

September 2023 will be a month of evolution in digital marketing, with new trends and cutting-edge tools that will open up unprecedented opportunities for companies. Companies that embrace these innovations will be able to create meaningful connections with their audience and guide the success of their online marketing strategies. Get ready for a month of revolutions in the digital world!Do you want to deepen some topics? Let’s talk together!