Summer trends: discover the viral phenomena on social media

Trend estivi: scopri i fenomeni virali sui social| 226Lab Creative Agency

Also this summer is full of trends that have stormed the feeds of all users on social media. In contrast to the arrival of the hottest season, a breath of fresh air arrives characterized by creativity and inclusiveness. Like every year to keep up with the social world you have to be prepared!

Sustainability: green travel among summer trends

One of the most relevant summer trends in the summer of 2023 was the growing attention to sustainable tourism. Travel agencies and industry brands are responding to this trend with green travel offers. Eco-friendly hotels and low environmental impact tours are increasingly appreciated by the community of aware travelers. With hashtag like #EcoTravel is #Sustainable tourism, social media users share their experiences promote a responsible approach to tourism.

I experiential travel is another key point of summer trends: travelers want immerse yourself completely in new cultures and discover authentic local traditions. Culinary tours, cultural experiences and activities with the local community are gaining popularity.

Genderless make-up: breaking gender stereotypes

Genderless make-up is a movement that embraces the idea that makeup should not be limited by default gender rules. Genderless looks highlight freedom of expression and encourage individuality. Colored eyeshadows, bright lips and well-defined eyebrows are just some of the elements that distinguish this summer trend. Celebrities played a key role in inspiring the trend of genderless make-up. Star like Harry Styles is Billie Eilish they challenged gender stereotypes with bold and distinctive looks.

Among the summer trends, chic minimalism: the least is more

Minimalism has established itself as one of the most appreciated trends. The simple but refined outfits, characterized by clean lines and neutral colors, are conquering the fashion scene. Choose versatile garments is essential accessories to create a timeless aesthetic that adapts to any occasion. Chic minimalism shows that you can be elegant and fashionable with few essential elements.

Barbie Beach Vibes: summer is a beach party

The summer of 2023 is a party on the beach thanks to the social trends of Barbie Beach Vibes. Barbie-inspired beach looks are characterized by bright swimwear, colorful cover-ups and fun accessories such as straw hats, oversized sunglasses and trendy sandals. The hashtags #BarbieBeach is #BeachGlam they are used to share the most glamorous and fun summer looks. 

Tune in with the summer trends 2023

Summer trends on social networks reflect the values and aspirations of online users, showing creativity and sensitivity to important issues such as inclusiveness and sustainability. Summer shows how powerful social media can be a tool expression and change. Ride the wave of summer trends of the moment and share your style, your colorful makeup and your travel experiences.

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