Social branding: what it is and how to leverage it.

Social Branding

The options to grow your online business are more and more and become more specialized for each individual business. The social branding, for example, can it be for you? Of course, if fully exploited, it can transform your online presence from “ meh ” to “ wow ”. Let’s see how!

What is social branding?

Social branding is an activity of fundamental importance in the world of digital marketing. It’s about create and manage an engaging brand image, authentic and recognizable on social media. In essence, it is the art of making you loved by all those who follow your online company.

Why is it important?

Now, you may ask yourself: “ Why should I worry so much about my social branding? ” The answer is simple: your online presence is there showcase of your brand in the virtual world, and more and more users visit it alternatively or in accompaniment to your website. Effective social branding, therefore, can lead to:

  • Customer loyalty: when people identify with your brand on social media, they become loyal users and, later on, loyal customers.
  • Sales increase: it can increase consumer visibility and confidence, leading to an increase in sales. I buy from those who have values similar to mine or that I share.
  • Influence and authority: a strong online presence can make you an authority in your sector, influencing the opinion of others and leading to interesting collaborations and a decidedly wider resonance.


  1. Emotions count: 70% of purchase decisions are influenced by emotion. So, use your social branding to create positive emotions around your brand.
  2. The power of color: 90% of the purchase decisions are based on color. For example, red can arouse enthusiasm (or even hunger! Nutella and Coca Cola know this well), while blue represents trust (how many medical professionals represented by this color do you know?).
  3. Magic Hashtags: hashtags are not just for the aesthetics of your publications. A post on Instagram with at least one hashtag has much more involvement than those without. Choose carefully the hashtags that best represent your brand and your audience to maximize visibility and interaction.

Examples of effective social branding

  • Nike: the campaign “ Just Do It ” is a classic example of social branding. Encouraging people a overcome challenges and adopt an active lifestyle, Nike has created a lasting emotional bond with his followers, pushing them to achieve their goals … with Nike clothing.
  • Oreo: Oreo has become famous for his fun and creative publications on social media. They turned a cookie into a digital pop icon.
  • Airbnb: Airbnb has built a social brand focused on sharing unique experiences, initially aimed at young people. Their hashtag #AirbnbExperiences has become synonymous with memorable adventures at a reasonable cost.

How to start building your social brand

To embark on a successful journey into the world of social branding, it is essential to follow some essential guidelines.

First of all, you have to define who you are. This means starting with a clear identification of the values and personality that characterize your brand. This solid foundation will help you maintain one essential consistency in everything you do online.

But knowing yourself is not enough; you must also know your audience. Understanding who your followers are, what interests them and what motivates them is crucial to creating content that resonates with them. This connection with your audience will help you establish a stronger and longer lasting bond.

Furthermore, the consistency: make sure the tone, colors and message remain constant on all your social channels. Consistency is what makes your brand recognizable and memorable.

Finally, remember the importance of storytelling. Telling the story of your brand in an engaging way is a powerful tool in social branding. This compelling narrative can capture the attention and interest of your audience, making them identify with your brand in a way that goes beyond the simple product or service you offer.

Do you think you need someone to help you build your personalized social branding from scratch? Contact and we can define it together.