Marketing ideas for Ferragosto: how to make the most of the summer period

Idee di marketing per Ferragosto | 226lab

Ferragosto is one of the most anticipated periods of summer, and for marketers it is a unique opportunity to involve customers and increase engagement. Take advantage of this summer season to connect with your audience and send a festive message!

Newsletter of greetings for August

One of the most effective marketing ideas for Ferragosto is sending one newsletter best wishes to customers, this is a way to show gratitude and appreciation for their loyalty. Use a friendly and informal writing style to engage readers, reminding them that you are also present during the summer holidays. You can include special offers, promotions or exclusive discounts to give added value to the newsletter. Don’t forget to insert a direct link to the website or online store to make the user experience even easier.

Ferragosto blog series: offer advice and inspirations for the summer

Among the marketing ideas for Ferragosto you could take advantage of the readings under the umbrella for this purpose informative. Create a series of blog posts dedicated to the summer giving the user advice and inspirations on interesting topics such as:

  • Summer activities
  • Places to visit
  • Seasonal recipes

This type of content can attract new visitors to your website, and provide added value to those who already follow you. But don’t forget to relate them to your brand, think about it: how can you connect your products or services?

Reel by the sea: show the fun side of your brand

A reel by the sea is an excellent marketing idea to involve the public during the Ferragosto holidays. This type of content is ideal for social media, especially on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. You could create a short video fun and light that shows the playful side of your brand and team during the summer holidays. One idea would be to create a reel that shows you or the team at the beach while wearing t-shirts with the brand logo. Use vibrant music and eye-catching colors for capture attention of the public.

Ferragosto flash rooms: lightning discounts for a shopping season

An idea of dynamic marketing for Ferragosto is, as brands such as Veepee and Zalando privè often do, organizing a flash sale: offering special discounts and exclusive promotions for a limited period of time, creating a sense of urgency in the customer. This type of initiative can increase sales and push customers to shop during the summer. Use the newsletter and social media to announce the flash sale e stimulate interest of those who look at you.

Summer contests: involve your audience

Another way to engage the public during August is to organize a summer contest. You can ask followers to share photos of their summer holidays using a specific hashtag or to participate in a summer themed quiz on your website. Offer interesting prizes to encourage participation and increase brand interaction:

  • Discount coupons
  • Free products 
  • Gadgets designed for the summer to be sent with purchased products

Make sure to promote the contest through social channels and the newsletter to reach a wider audience.

Marketing ideas for Ferragosto: different, engaging and successful

A good marketer never goes on vacation! The world of Marketing, even in Ferragosto, is in constant movement and you can only do everything possible to take advantage of every opportunity. For social media campaigns, don’t forget to keep up with all the trends of the moment, to find out more, browse our latest article on summer trends 2023.Ferragosto