Small businesses, big dreams: Italian success stories and lessons to learn

Small business big stories

Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires a mix of skills, determination, hard work, courage, and above all, charisma. We must be the first to deeply believe in ourselves and to engage others in our ideas, demonstrating that investing our energies in our projects is worthwhile. As Austin Kleon narrates in his renowned book “Steal Like an Artist”, it is crucial in life to “steal” the best from others and make it our own, thus creating something completely innovative. Our growth is not solely based on the people we associate with and the food we consume, but also on the books we read, the individuals we follow on social media, and the podcasts we listen to. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the exciting Italian success stories and discover the secrets behind their extraordinary journey?


Luca Mastella, 34 years old, born in Ferrara, is the founder of Learnn, a platform that has been gaining popularity lately with over 100,000 subscribers. With a monthly subscription, one can access a wide range of courses primarily based on digital marketing, providing an affordable education for everyone. Italian universities often lack specific digital-focused courses, and Learnn sought to fill those gaps by offering the opportunity to delve into every small topic and more, providing workshops on crucial subjects like employment contracts and courses addressing psychological aspects. Learnn is not only for students but for anyone wanting to stay updated with the times, and we are among them! Our employees have access to all Learnn courses, as we firmly believe in the importance of education.

What can we learn from Luca?

From Luca’s success story, we can derive a significant lesson: the importance of looking around and analyzing what others truly need, providing them with the right solution! One of the best sales tactics, in fact, simply revolves around providing assistance for needs and necessities.

The success story of efficacemente

Andrea Giuliodori, born in 1982, is the founder of Italy’s most famous personal growth blog: Efficacemente. Andrea graduated in engineering and worked for a multinational Consulting firm for about 7 years, but he had much more in mind: thanks to a book given to him during an internship, he became passionate about personal growth and began discussing it in all its facets. His blog, which now generates over 2,000,000 euros in revenue, covers various topics including self-esteem, study tips, English, habits, time management, and sleep.

What can we learn from Andrea?

Always follow your ideals and passions without rushing for immediate results; giving is extremely important, and one should not expect to have everything immediately, but rather be patient and believe in it!


One of the most important Italian success stories is undoubtedly that of Salvatore Aranzulla, born in 1990, the most-followed IT blogger in Italy. Already at the age of 10, he discovered a strong passion for IT and began to delve deeper into the field. The more he used the computer, the more he learned to solve problems related to it, jotting down all the solutions he could adopt and sending them to his friends. From there, his career began; he founded his blog aranzulla.it which now earns him over 3,000,800 dollars a year. A “tutorial” blog, if we may call it so, where absolutely nothing is missing, from guides on “How to save a document in PDF” to “How to locate a cellphone,” paired with impeccable SEO.

What can we learn from Salvatore?

Simplicity and not taking anything for granted are the keys to success!

Norma’s Teaching

Norma Cerletti, born in Milan in 1992, after a disappointment in her job, decides to resign and work as a freelancer, but unfortunately, COVID arrives, halting all her plans… Or perhaps it does the exact opposite. Locked at home, Norma starts recording videos on TikTok with the hashtag “#LearnOnTikTok,” through which she launches small English challenges to her followers, and gives small tips on word pronunciation or their meanings in a very friendly and engaging manner. She then chooses to open her website and create tailor-made courses for every need! Over time, thanks to her distinctive traits and personal brand, she becomes increasingly appreciated by users who love her simple way of teaching, thus managing to retain them, until becoming the most famous English teacher in Italy.

What can we learn from Norma’s success story?

Not all bad things are harmful; if a situation goes wrong, we must not give up, but always find a way to try again and reinvent ourselves! Staying true to our core values is also crucial.

Four compelling stories of people who started from scratch and made it thanks to their passion, discipline, and a bit of good marketing. Which story struck you the most? Keep following us for more news!