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Today marketing is the very act of inventing the product, the art of designing it, the ability to produce it, to define the price, the technique used to sell it.
Trust on 226Lab. Together we will be ready for this long and exciting journey.


Who We Are

We offer solutions for the development and growth of your business, from the creation of the logo up to the marketing strategy. We are specialized in creating or restyling your online presence, supporting you at every stage of the creative, operational and strategic process. Thanks to the many years of experience in digital marketing, social media and SEA, we offer the maximization of your digital investment, ensuring high performance and successful results.

We help large companies, swiss and international, to optimize and enhance their communication, projecting them into new markets and new opportunities.

02What We Do?

In order to help you achieve the perfect results, our designers are committed to creating the best design and project strategy.

03Our Team

We know the importance of delivering the best customer experience and we enable your organization to exceed customer expectations.

Martina P.

Founder & CEO

Marco C.

Founder & CMO

Ilaria T.

Social Media Manager

Angela A.


Roby S.

Graphic Designer

Maria S.

Vector Designer

Simone P.

Web Developer

Giuseppe L.

Web Developer

Anja L.

Motion Designer

Caterina C.

Sales Manager

Max T.

UI Designer

Salvo B.

Digital Marketing Manager
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Employees and Partners

Employee of the Year - 2020

Well, if you are wondering if our human employees ever win the annual award, the answer is no. But we give them a lot of treats too, expecially chocolates and italian food.
2020's winner is Shari! Our "little" warrior piggy princess who loves to sleep on our Social Media Manager side while she's working.


Employee of the Year - 2019

226Lab's Team love pets. That's probably why our best employee in 2019 was Jolie, our crazy little Cat we adopted in April. She bites us, walks on our keyboards, sleeps on our laptops, and she keeps getting fatter even if we feed her well. But we love her.

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