1 # Choose a thematic color

A well-kept Instagram profile? Everything is in the color palette. If you are aiming for a street style profile – with the typical influencer approach – choose a neutral background that allows the outfits to emerge. Alternatively, to personalize your Instagram profile, you can play with thematic colors chosen based on where you are (for example, blue is perfect for holiday posts) or your mood.

2 # Shine

Instagram profiles based on dark or dark colors are proven to be less popular than light and bright ones. In short: only occasionally share a night shot, preferring photos in daylight, to have a well-kept Instagram profile.

3 # Plan your posts

For some, having a neat Instagram profile is a full-time job. Plan your posts in advance (so that they complement each other visually) and then invest in a tool to set the outputs at peak times in real time. And you will see how many more hearts!

4 # Think square

Although you can now publish other formats, the Instagram grid still looks like a square image, so it is important that all your photos are cut appropriately to make them appear perfectly in the feed to have a well-kept Instagram profile.

5 # Let your profile breathe

How to have a nice Instagram profile without clogging it? If you are having a dream vacation, don’t publish all your fabulous images at once; try to calibrate the outputs and save some photos for a #TBT post when you will be somewhere less sunny during the rest of the year

6 # Take care of the biography

To convince more and more people to become followers of an Instagram profile, it is very useful to take care of the section dedicated to biography. You can focus on your passions, insert some emojis and briefly tell your life. What matters is to be synthetic and captivating.

7 # Bet on the best hashtags

Among the 8 ideas to have a perfect Instagram profile, the use of hashtags can be the winning one. It is necessary to insert hashtags related to the topic proposed in the photo. For example, if you publish the landscape of a city, it is preferable to choose those relating to the place. The most suitable must be chosen and the quantity should not be exaggerated. Few hashtags, but selected with the utmost care.

8 # Publish regularly

The regular publication of content favors the creation of a direct line between those who manage and those who follow the account. Otherwise, the risk of losing followers becomes more concrete.

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