Make social media your friends

We live in an increasingly social Era, a period in which not being online is more and more like not existing at all. Like it or not, without an adequate strategy on the main social media platforms, any business is already in a position to survive with difficulty. What you need is our team of 226Lab, which thanks to our skills and years of experience in social media, will build a social strategy tailored to your brand.

Strategies based on real data

If mathematics is not an opinion, the performances are not far behind. This is why we base every strategy, decision and action on real datas and results. We embrace the Growth Hacking philosophy, distancing ourselves from traditional marketing, because we believe that dynamism and adaptation – on the basis of performance – is a fundamental point for our and our customers’ success. Accurate reports, data analysis and smart choices.

Our offer for you

We are ready to support you in every step of this journey, from the creation of your web image to the loyalty of your customers. We aim for a constant and 360° support. Your success is our victory, which is why we want it to last over time.


Develop engaging digital strategy

This is where the difference between Growth Hacking and traditional marketing hides. Reaching many users is not enough, without an accurate loyalty, retention and feedback strategy. At 226Lab we are not only concerned with creating a social media presence, enhancing the brand and gaining visibility online. We want to go further, working together with you to build a solid and lasting success.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why? There are approximately 2.77 Billion people worldwide with at least one social media account (Statista, 2019) and where there are people, there is potential for leads and customers.

Marketing -in its purest form- is literally showing your product to the most likely group of people to buy it.

Whatever your business, brand or offering, whether it’s B2C or B2B, however unexciting your product might be, no matter how small your business is, regardless of how tiny your niche, you will be able to find your target market on social media.

Traditional advertising like radio, newspaper and tv worked for a long time. But research shows that businesses who don’t move to social media for marketing strategies, are not likely to be around in 5 years time.

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