We had the pleasure to work for a wonderful cosmetics company from Iran, luxury product from Dead Sea. We created for Premier a full Social Media Strategy, with contents creation nd copywriting.

They approached us with the task of designing and developing a new website that is up-to-date with the latest digital trends and features and to create a Social media strategy on Facebook and Instagram.

We are helping Titty&Flavia almost 360° with their online presence since April 2019.

Before their website and social profiles werent’ very related in terms of contents and design, that’s why we decided to build from 0 a new strategy, with a new digital marketing approach and trying to exalt more their personalities, and let their followers know them under a new light!

First of all, we would need to manage, coordinate and spread the communications coming from each of Sleepys’ business areas in social media, so that they did not overlap when impacting users or saturate them with an excess of communications, while transmitting a common image and identity, in the context of a single Sleepys.

They approached us needing a website that introduces the company and what it does, in a simple, fresh and appealing design and to do Digital Marketing on Google and then social media marketing on Facebook!

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