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Here we are! The team of 226Lab will become your dedicated department, for any digital service your business will need. Content creation, Graphic Design, Social Media, Strategy, Digital Marketing. We’ll cover it all. Build your own team according to your needs, you will have 2 to 5 professionals always available - and for less than a single average salary.
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What is a Monthly Service?

Those are just some of our top seller services we usually provide on a monthly basis, together with a dedicated strategy. We will work daily on your accounts and channels. Choose your plan and discover your price, without any hidden fee.

Content Creation

The service includes the creation of all the photo/video, still life, stories, clips and graphic content we will need to ensure your business a proper online/offline presence and marketing material. The average amount of monthly content our team can produce will be more than enough to serve each of your channels. The brand image is a business’ dress: let us be your best stylist.


The service will cover all of the market research, setup, implementation and optimization of your marketing accounts. Our team will monitor and optimize on a daily basis all the campaigns, providing regular reporting to the client. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google Ads, Linkedin, Bing, Taboola, Events, Offline marketing. It doesn’t matter where do you want your brand to be, we will drive it there.


We will implement - or completely restyle, if you already have one - your website on both the technical and graphical sides. Our IT team has years of experience and more than 50 project of cooperation with our designers, which allows us to always deliver great platform with a great look and feel. Implementation, renovation and constant mantainance will be covered by us. E-commerce? Showcase? It doesn’t Matter. 226Lab will make your website the best e-store your business can have.


What is the purpose of a great website, if it’s invisible? This is why we always offer comprehensive strategies for our clients. And SEO must be a part of any good online strategy. We will work on the keyword research, link building and constant optimization of your website, on a monthly basis and thanks to a regular analysis of its performances, consulting you for any new content you’ll want or need to add. No thoughts for you: with 226Lab, your website will fly.

What is a One-shot Service?

Those are just some of our main one-time services, which we can also provide - if needed - on a monthly basis. New logo? New Photo shooting? Just ask! We are here to support you in any project or activity.

Business Logo

The implementation of our logos always passes through a first consultancy with the client, brainstorming and discussing in order to fully understand needs, wishes and expectation. Our designers will then come with several proposals - nothing less than 5 - which will lead us to the final decision. Once it will be ready, you will receive your brand new logo in any format you will need, with any color variation. The logo is the face of your business, and we will be your make up artists.

Brand Identity

Brand identity doesn’t only mean logo. We will provide you typography, colors, packaging and messaging, in order to complements and reinforces the existing reputation of your brand. Brand identity attracts new customers to a brand while making existing customers feel at home, this is why is important for your success.

Corporate Image:

A variety of different materials must be included in a corporate identity package, such as brochures, catalogs, business card, letterhead, flyers, printed advertisements, presentation folders, E-mail templates and more. Regardless of the size of your company at the moment, it is essential that you be able to present a professional, uniform message to your vendors as well as your clients. Quality business cards and matching letterhead and envelopes allows you to do precisely that.
Last but not least, our Photo Shooting, Video Shooting Video with Drone will serve any purpose your business will need. Company’s history, business pics - team or individuals -, interviews, marketing content, company’s events, website and more. As your new content and marketing department, 226Lab will always be ready to consult you on which would be the best solution for your business’ image. Believe in our expertise: we got skills.

Is the Marketing Budget Included?

No. We like to work with our clients with total transparency and honesty. The secret of our success are the long term partnership and the high trust we build. Reason why we will consult you on the appropriate budget of spent for your marketing activities and treat that separately from our monthly fee. It doesn’t matter how much you’d like to invest in marketing: we will handle it for you, and our price won’t change.

Would I have any extra-fee?

Absolutely not. We will offer a free consultancy, build your custom package and agree on a monthly fee for our all-inclusive parthership. After that, the team of 226Lab will take care of everything agreed, without any additional cost.

How long does would the contract be?

You will decide it. We usually suggest to plan for at least 6 months, because the strategy we will build for your needs time to be fully implemented, rolled out and optimized. The price you currently see are estimate for 1 year contract, but you can choose how long you want to collaborate with us and we will adapt accordingly. In case you’ll be happy, you will have the chance to extend without additional cost. Once we set a price, it doesn’t change.

Can I change my monthly plan during the contract?

Absolutely yes. You can change at any time your plan, removing services you feel are not necessary or upgrading to a bigger plan. We will become your partner and full-time consultant, which will help you to always have the best strategy at the lowest cost. Long relationship are much more valuable than quick earnings. This is why will always choose the best for you.

Are the results of your work measurable?

They are. And we will show you them all, no matter what. We always include a minimum of one monthly meeting with each of our client, in order to go through results, discuss the strategy, adapt and plan the further actions and tasks. The secret of a successful business is cooperation, this is why we always work side by side with our clients. No secrets, no disappointment, no surprise.
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