Your Digital Voice

It is an increasingly crowded web, a huge “square” in which more and more people buy and sell. It’s a square with more and more opportunities, but with an equally increasing competition. Precisely for this reason, we @226Lab like to listen carefully to the market and study its dynamics in order to create, for your brand, the best possible marketing strategy. Because those who tell their story well do not need to scream.

Understanding is learning

Understanding is learning, and we move every step with the force of awareness. Careful construction, analysis and data comprehension is the right way to learn quickly and act in a targeted way. We take care of constantly optimizing the performance of your brand, through targeted and “data-driven” strategies. Numbers do not lie, and a strategy based on them is a winning strategy.

Growth Hacking

Digital marketing, in such a dynamic and competitive era, is no longer enough. This is why we are moving towards Growth Hacking : without losing sight of the importance of acquiring users, we are focused at the same time with the activation, maintenance or recommendation phases of the service / product. Bringing our customers to success is not enough, we at 226Lab aim to grow together with you. Sky is the limit.


We at 226Lab do not create actions. We create processes. A winning mechanism needs a lot of components, in which every detail must be treated as if it were decisive. Acting well on one channel, neglecting other aspects, risks undermining the work of weeks or months. Taking a step forward and two backwards, inevitably, is equivalent to backing away. This is why we focus carefully on every point of the strategy, creating a strong, consistent and credible image for your brand. In an increasingly competitive market, the winner is the one who makes the least mistakes.

Multi-Channel Solution

The strategies we implement almost always involve diversification of the investment, developing multi-channel campaigns able to guarantee a complete pipeline development. Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords, Display Network … Digital marketing platforms are comparable to the wheels of a car: only by making them work together, and in the same direction, maximum speed can be achieved. Processes of this type require time and a lot of experience, so that they become economically advantageous, and we at 226 Lab will take care of every aspect. With us driving, your business will be ready to win every market challenge.