Instagram advertising is constantly changing. This is demonstrated by the fact that, starting from last March, a new advertising positioning has been added for Instagram. We went from the only publication of paid content in the newsfeed, to the publication in Instagram Stories. Let’s see in detail what it is.
Paid Instagram Stories. What are?

Instagram Stories are a feature that allows the user to post static or animated content that lasts 24 hours. After this period of time, the content disappears and does not remain saved on the personal profile. Instagram also offers a paid function: it is possible to publish the contents that are inserted among the users’ stories.

The Instagram story is available for the following campaign objectives: coverage, brand awareness, traffic, conversions, the application and installations.

Once the target has been chosen, the target can be selected with the classic settings: age, gender, geographical area, interests. The control panel also provides advanced coverage and frequency limit setting, which allows, for example, to choose the number of 2 paid story views every 2 days, or 1 every 3 days, etc.

Instagram Stories Design Ideas – Learn

How to use them in an advertising schedule on Instagram?

Instagram Stories can be used for branding with a view or coverage objective, site traffic, conversions, app installations. They are the best for branding, but they are also perfect for the dissemination of short, incisive content, which must bring traffic to the site. Within the Stories we can insert a very direct call to action, such as one find out more or subscribe, which generate traffic on the site in quantity and quality.

From a technical point of view, when setting up a campaign on Instagram, if the customer’s goal is wide-ranging, it will be necessary to divide the budget into:

– coverage advertisements (Stories) or brand awareness

– in website traffic insertions or conversions.

On the one hand there will be the Stories that will increase the popularity of the brand, on the other hand the traffic or conversions insertions will involve users on a structured landing page, which will guarantee quality leads because they are more aware (surely they will have already seen the Stories).

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