Instagram features: 2022 to 2023

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Instagram never stops evolving and innovating. The platform continues to offer an ever-improving service to its users and to develop new caractéristiques or enhance existing ones.

The basic features of Instagram, which probably everyone already knows, include: posts, product tags, comments under posts, collaborative content with other creators, Instagram Shop, stories and highlights, stickers in stories, filters and music for stories, reels, guides, reel remix, professional dashboard, live sessions, interactive biography, and much more…

But what features were developed during the past year, and what can we expect for the future? Knowing all the functionalities of the social platform is indeed useful to make the most of Instagram.

Some features introduced in 2022

Contrôle parental

One of the very latest updates is parental control. Through parental control, users can set usage hours for Instagram. To activate it, the function must be confirmed by both the teenager’s and the parent’s accounts.


It is a feature that allows users to know how much time is spent on Instagram, helping them become aware of the time spent in front of their phone, which could be invested in other activities.

Coup de coude

If too much time is spent on a single topic on Explore, a notification will appear encouraging users to change the subject. Nudges can help especially teenagers use social media more consciously.

Music in posts

With this new feature, users can add Instagram‘s tracks to their photo posts.

Pin photos

With the latest update, it is possible to pin three chosen posts at the top of your profile.

Sensitive content control

The sensitive content hub, launched to moderate the amount of sensitive content that can appear from non-followed accounts, now has 3 options:

      Standard: where some sensitive content might be visible;

      Allow: where more sensitive content might be visible;

      Limit: where less sensitive content is visible.

Écran vert

The green screen has been added to stories, allowing users to choose different backgrounds to apply behind them.


NFTs – Non-fungible tokens – arrive on Instagram. The possibilities introduced by this new feature are diverse:

      Connect your digital wallet à Instagram and choose which NFTs to share on this platform;

      Publication of digital collections;

      Automatic tagging of the creator and collector in posts containing their token.


It is possible to create a personal avatar and use it in stories and posts.

Scheduled posts, reels, and carousels

One of the most useful functions for those with a professional profile is the ability to schedule posts, reels, or carousels directly from the app, up to 75 days in advance.


Outlook for 2023

In 2023, new site functionalities will be introduced, some of which are already known:


One of the features that will be introduced on Instagram in 2023 is Notes, where users can write notes of up to 60 characters for friends and followers. The duration of the notes is 24 hours.

Histoires candides

Candid Stories imitate BeReal, with a photo taken from the front camera and one from the rear. To access friends’ Candid Stories, users will need to upload their own.

Group profiles

It will be possible to create shared profiles with friends, where posts and stories can be shared.


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