Google my business

google my business

Google My Business is a tool offered by Google for entreprisees to promote themselves, provide information, allow users to leave reviews, and much more. Google My Business was launched in 2014 and is a crucial tool for all businesses. 

What is it? 

Everyone has interacted with Google My Business by navigating on Google. When searching for a business, such as “226Lab marketing agency,” Google returns results with photos, locations, phone numbers, business hours, reviews, and more: this is Google My Business. 

So, Google My Business allows businesses to promote themselves through the Google search engine or searches on Google Maps.


Among the features of Google My Business, we can list: 

  • Customization of your profile by adding essential information: phone number, business hours, accepted payment methods, services offered, etc.; 
  • Ability to be located through Google Maps;
  • Users have the ability to review the business; 
  • Sharing photos that represent your business and your logo;
  • Ability to communicate with customers through chat or by posting updates; 
  • Publication of FAQs
  • Analyse of information about your profile: visits, keywords used by users to find the business, and much more. 

Why use it? 

For businesses, appearing among the top search results is essential to attract new customers. SEO may not be enough, though. Google My Business allows providing all the relevant information that could be useful to new potential customers, helps in appearing among the top search results, allows you to promote your business by showcasing its essence, including the publication of the logo and representative images. This service allows you to express your brand’s capabilities to the fullest.


We can outline several benefits of Google My Business: 

  • It’s cost-free, only requires a Google account;
  • It helps strengthen the image of your business; 
  • It aids in customer retention through reviews, direct communication via chat, and informative posts; 
  • It provides better positioning in search results;
  • No need to have a physical store to avail of this service;
  • It provides statistics analyzing user behavior: type of search, location from which your business was found, whether the search occurred on Google Search or Maps, the quantity of photo views, etc.


If you need assistance for your business, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to help!