EQapital: the best banking alternative!

EQapital is a digital bank offering neo banking, custody accounts and Real Estate services. Through EQapital’s debit card, you can travel around the world without paying fees on withdrawals. In addition, you can diversify your portfolio by buying cryptocurrencies or participating in real estate crowdfunding shares. Professionalism and security are key elements of EQapital.

A world that is innovative and ambitious: these are the characteristics that impressed us about the reality of EQapital and motivated us to be part of it.

The EQapital team approached us with several requests: to take care of the creation of a new website and Mobile App, UI and UX Design, Brand Development, Social Media, and content creation.

The enthusiasm of the EQapital team and their desire to grow this project was contagious: we couldn’t say no! We set to work for EQapital right away, collaborating step by step with its team and growing with time together.

The results of our work with EQapital fill us with satisfaction: looking at the numbers of our successes pushes us more and more to work our hardest for this ambitious reality.

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