The copywriting revolution with AI


Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is defined by the European Parliament as “the ability of a machine to demonstrate human capabilities such as reasoning, learning, planning, and creativity.” Artificial intelligence is completely revolutionizing the digital world, and one of its recent applications is in the field of copywriting.

Artificial Intelligence

The term artificial intelligence was first mentioned in the ’50s, during an American conference. The occasion saw the introduction of the program Logik-Theoretiker, developed by Newell and Simon. The subsequent growth was rapid.

Today, there are many different types of artificial intelligence used for various purposes:

  • Einkaufen 
  • research
  • digital assistants
  • automatic translation
  • intelligent infrastructures
  • security

And much more.

AI kopieren

We have already discussed how ChatGPT is revolutionizing the digital world. This tool allows, among other things, the creation of articles and web-optimized content. But it’s not the only one in existence. One of the most recent and increasingly popular ones is Kopieren.ai.

Copy.ai was born in early 2020 from an idea by Chris Lu and Paul Yacoubian. This AI leverages Deep Learning to create effective content for blogs, websites, and social media. The world of copywriting is thus innovating thanks to this tool, an excellent aid in content creation.

Copy.ai allows the creation of: emails, newsletters, CTAs, landing pages, social media texts, blog articles…

How to Use It

To use this artificial intelligence, you need to register on the website and, after answering some questions for interface customization, you can test the AI. Free use is limited; to use it more freely, you need to subscribe with a monthly or annual subscription.

Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming the content creation landscape, and its impact is set to grow. As technology continues to evolve, we are likely to see even more innovative applications of AI in content creation, including the ability to create original and creative works that compete with human-generated content. However, it is essential to remember that artificial intelligence is not a perfect solution, and human input will always be necessary to ensure that the content is of high quality and engaging for the target audience.