Video marketing


Video content is a really important social marketing strategy. Because? Find out in this article.  

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is an activity based on creating videos and promoting them.

The objectives of video marketing can be varied:

Increase visibility      

Improve communication      

Increase interaction with the public      

What is it for?

Video marketing can be useful for many purposes and can lead to numerous advantages.

For example, video content could be created where the methods of using your products are explained, or tutorials to take advantage of the company’s services.

Another possible use is for the promotion of your offer.

Finally, it can be useful for interacting with your audience through live events and training videos.

All this can contribute to increase the visibility of a brand, the Markenbewusstsein, for communicate the values of a brand and for maintain constant interaction with your audience.  

Why make video marketing?

Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook … Most social networks pay more and more attention to videos. And also the audience tends to interact more with these immediate contents and impact compared to other forms of marketing.

Not taking part in this sector and not creating video content means not keeping up with the market, with the will of its customers, their desires and needs. Video marketing can really do a lot for your company, leaving it aside seems to be a counterproductive choice in the present and in the near future.

Types of video marketing

The content for the videos can be very varied. The main ones categories I’m:

Video Lehrgang: show how to use a product or service      

Video brand: are used to complete advertising campaigns. The goal is to intrigue and raise awareness about the brand       

Video of events      

Interviews to experts      

Video of training      

Live Video      

Anleitungen videos: show the creation of a product.      

How to make quality videos?

Here are our tips for creating quality videos that can work for your brand:

Take care of aesthetics: the aesthetics of the video is important to capture the attention of the user who watches it. If you are interested, the possibility of seeing the whole video and not going further will be greater       

Create gods original content      

do research on the latest fashions and what interests the public most      

Don’t create too long videos so that they can be used quickly and easily.