What is a CTA?

Cos'è una CTA

If you’re just starting to take your first steps into the world of Marketing, you’ve probably come across the acronym CTA. Do you know what it means? Here’s a brief explanation of CTA and its uses.

What is a CTA?

CTA stands for Call to Action and is an invitation to take action. It is a fundamental marketing tool. Call to actions can be presented through buttons, widgets, or simple text messages. For the action to be followed, the CTA must be structured in the right way.

Primary and Secondary Call to Actions

Firstly, it’s important to note that there are different types of Call to Actions that we can divide into:

  • Primary: these are the main call to actions, such as “Sign Up” on a website;
  • Secondary: these are call to actions that encourage secondary actions, such as sharing an article on your social profile. They usually have a more extended textual part.

Components of a CTA

To create an effective Call to Action, we need to consider:

  • Die Entwurf: having an image that encourages taking action could be an excellent strategy; even the right font and color are crucial.
  • Textual part: the CTA message should be brief, attention-grabbing, evoke the reader’s curiosity, and highlight potential benefits.
  • Die placement: it’s essential to put the CTA in the right place to encourage action. It should be prominently visible without disturbing the reader.

How to Write an Effective CTA

As mentioned earlier, it’s essential for the structure of the CTA to be effective for it to work. Here are some simple examples and tips to use:

  • Choose the type of action you want to encourage: e.g., Subscribe to our newsletter!
  • Write a short and effective message: e.g., Click here and become a copywriter now!
  • Show the benefits: e.g., Join our site and get a 20% discount on your next purchase.


We hope our tips can be helpful, and if you need assistance in creating effective CTAs to enhance your brand’s potential, feel free to contact us!