What is User Generated Content (UGC)?

Cos'è lo User Generated Content

Have you ever heard of Benutzergenerierte Inhalte, often abbreviated as UGC?

User Generated Content refers to all those contents created by users themselves, actively contributing to promoting a product, brand, or company. These contents can include reviews, comments, photos, videos, social media posts, and much more. The distinctive feature of UGC is that it is generated by users themselves and not by the company selling the product or providing the service. This aspect makes UGC extremely valuable as it is considered more authentic and genuine, positively influencing the purchase decisions of other consumers.

How does User Generated Content work?

The process of creating User Generated Content can be spontaneous or prompted by the company through specific campaigns. For example, a satisfied customer might share a photo of the product on social media and use a company hashtag. Similarly, the company can ask its customers to share their experiences through a Wettbewerb or an invitation to leave reviews. These user-generated contents can then be reposted, with the creators’ consent, on the company’s official channels to amplify their effect. The more contents are reshared, the more customers will create.

What are the benefits for companies in leveraging User Generated Content?

Marketing is constantly evolving, and many strategies can be part of a well-structured and effective plan. User Generated Content, in particular, could yield these results:

  1. Increased consumer trust: UGC is considered more authentic than content created directly by the company. Positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers help increase the trust of other consumers in the brand or product. Think about it, before purchasing a product, don’t you wonder how those who purchased it before you found it?
  2. Expanded brand visibility: When customers share user-generated contents on their social profiles or through other platforms, the company benefits from increased visibility. This can lead to increased Markenbewusstsein and attract new potential customers.
  3. Community engagement: UGC allows engaging the company’s community of customers and fans, making them an integral part of the marketing process. This can generate a sense of belonging and loyalty, creating a deeper connection between the company and its customers.
  4. Creativity and variety of contents: Users can create original and creative contents that can stand out from traditional advertising. This adds a variety of perspectives and styles to the company’s promotional material, making it more interesting and engaging.
  5. Resource savings: User Generated Content can be an effective way to obtain quality contents without having to invest significant resources in producing in-house promotional material. Users take on the role of free brand promoters, reducing marketing costs for the company.

Using UGC effectively: who has succeeded?

Okay, theory is theory, but in practice: are there successful cases to take inspiration from? Of course, yes!

  1. Starbucks #RedCupWettbewerb: Starbucks invited its customers to share photos of their festive drinks served in red cups. This contest generated thousands of creative and festive photos on social media, creating strong engagement and amplifying the brand’s visibility.
  2. GoPro and user adventures: GoPro built much of its success around User Generated Content. GoPro users regularly share breathtaking videos of their outdoor adventures, showcasing the capabilities of GoPro cameras and inspiring other adventure enthusiasts.
  3. Coca-Cola and bottle personalization: Coca-Cola created a campaign where bottles were labeled with common names. Users were invited to share photos of their personalized bottles on social media. This initiative created a sense of personal connection with the brand, generating massive online participation.


Harnessing the creativity and enthusiasm of your customers can generate trust, engagement, and brand visibility, even if much smaller than the big names just mentioned. It’s a kind of word-of-mouth, supercharged! Where the testimonial is not only subjective but even confirmed by multimedia contents.

Incorporating User Generated Content into your marketing strategy could be a great boost for your business. Need help? Contact us now!