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Branding is all about the ways that you identify a picture of your business in your customers’ eyes. It’s the impression that pops into their minds once they hear your business name.

Adding value is the beginning of each of our processes. We believe in the value hidden behind every brand and that is what we are aiming for. The price defines what you earn, but it is the value that defines what you get. Identifying that value is the main goal and basis of every gain, for us of 226Lab.


Strategic branding seeks to deliver on the brand promise, create awareness and make deep connections.


Identity design should always reflect on the brand’s uniqueness, differentiation and value.


Logo Design

Our company logo design process considers the end application requirements of each logo. Company logos that are only seen online have different design requirements to a brick and mortar business needing a logo for signage & traditional print. For the best logo design your logo must work for where it will be used. For this reason we display logo ideas using mochups that show variations on designs during the logo review process.

Brand Refresh

Do you have an existing business logo design? 226Lab will refresh your company logo and your brand identity to handle all application requirements.

We’re passionate about our creative brand strategy process and methods we know that work.


We start by analyzing, auditing and surveying your brand as well as assessing assets for maximum effectiveness.


Aligning with the brand perspective, the project moves into in-depth competitive analysis leading to the iterative process of brand development.


Our Process

Our goal is to define, for your business, a recognizable and credible identity, through a customized and structured brand strategy in a series of key points:

  1. Analysis of corporate identity and expectations, to fully understand the business and build a coherent brand;
  2. Competitor analysis, to identify your strengths and project them into the company image;
  3. Definition of the Brand Character, that is the set of characteristics that distinguish a brand;
  4. Brand Architecture, to develop a communication in line with your Corporate Identity;
  5. Concept and graphic design of the logo, adaptable to different business contexts (brochures, business cards, site, gadgets, etc.);
  6. Color analysis and lettering study, these are the essential steps for building a solid identity;
  7. Restyling and rebranding, intervening on existing logos and CIs with minor adjustments and adaptations to new contexts.


Corporate Identity

Consistency is everything, for a business willing to establish itself on the market. Every inconsistency or deburring is a misstep, and we at 226 Lab will make sure your business is on solid tracks. That’s why we offer to our customers 360° brand identity solutions, to become immediately recognizable, reliable and professional in the eyes of their customers. The image is not everything, but it can mean a lot.


We are expert at creating and tailoring corporate identities and we can help you create a strong brand that is a good reflection of your company, and that you can be proud of.

We research your competition to ensure you have a corporate identity that seperate yourself from them, and explore several ideas to see how you feel about colour and style variations before deciding on certain elements that allow us to move forward towards a complete finished corporate logo and corporate identity. This can include a strapline or corporate mission statement as well.


Tools we use


Used for: image editing and manipulation, photo retouching, graphic design, web and app prototyping, 3D modelling


Used for: illustration, designing vector graphics like Logos.


Used for: desktop publishing


Used for: web and app prototyping

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Yes, the artwork we’ve designed for you will always remain your property as long as the final payment has been received and your order completed.

First of all, you need to explain what type of graphics do you require (for print or digital use) and if possible provide us with similar projects that will show us your vision. After a short brief, and initial design concepts, you will be able to pick one that you want to go ahead with and adjust it to your final needs. The completed project will be sent to you via email or external file sharing service. 

You will receive your compressed design files via email or external file sharing service like Google Drive.

Typical Logo Design projects can take anything from 2-6 weeks.


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