More Value

Adding value is the beginning of each of our processes. We believe in the value hidden behind every brand and that is what we are aiming for. The price defines what you earn, but it is the value that defines what you get. Identifying that value is the main goal and basis of every gain, for us of 226Lab.


Our goal is to define, for your business, a recognizable and credible identity,
through a customized and structured brand strategy in a series of key points:

• Analysis of corporate identity and expectations,
to fully understand the business and build a coherent brand;

• Competitor analysis,
to identify your strengths and project them into the company image;

• Definition of the Brand Character,
that is the set of characteristics that distinguish a brand;

• Brand Architecture,
to develop a communication in line with your Corporate Identity;

• Concept and graphic design of the logo,
adaptable to different business contexts (brochures, business cards, site, gadgets, etc.);

• Color analysis and lettering study,
these are the essential steps for building a solid identity;

• Restyling and rebranding,
intervening on existing logos and CIs with minor adjustments and adaptations to new contexts.

Corporate Identity

Consistency is everything, for a business willing to establish itself on the market. Every inconsistency or deburring is a misstep, and we at 226 Lab will make sure your business is on solid tracks. That’s why we offer to our customers 360° brand identity solutions, to become immediately recognizable, reliable and professional in the eyes of their customers. The image is not everything, but it can mean a lot.