Blueblox - Business made easy

Blueblox was founded in 2014 with the desire to make doing business easy. With their advice, it is possible to make it easier to manage trade between different markets. 

The company’s goal is to help economies grow by breaking barriers that prevent effective and lasting development.

Honest, compliant, and sustainable trade – These are the three key words that struck us about Blueblox’s innovative ideas and prompted us to take on this important project.

Our collaboration was born over one year ago out of a common hope: to help the world grow. Blueblox contacted us first asking us to develop the website and blog. We started our work with developing the site based on nextjs, then the blog using wordpress. Finally, we also took care of the marketing management for their site managing to get positive outcomes in a short time.

The work for Blueblox brought us really satisfying results and we are excited about the many opportunities we will tackle in the future, together, as business partners.


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