Apellis - Courageous Science

The strength and values of Apellis overwhelmed us and the decision to take the job was immediate. We managed Brand Communication for them and were in charge of content creation. In particular, we conducted shoots of their events and created videos that attest their work. We created suitable photos of the team for LinkedIn for marketing campaigns to increase their visibility.

“The goal is to help improve the world through innovative therapies to address serious and debilitating diseases.”

Audacity, compassion and innovation-these are the characteristics of Apellis that struck us; but also the integrity and professionalism of the team that loves the work they do and is driven by a mission to change millions of lives.

Collaborating with Apellis makes us feel part of a reality that contributes every day to the improvement of our world, and we are proud to have been able to take advantage of this opportunity and have the chance to give more visibility to companies like this that work for the common good.


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