Who we Are

We offer solutions for the development and growth of your business, from the creation of the logo up to the marketing strategy. We are specialized in creating or restyling your online presence, supporting you at every stage of the creative, operational and strategic process. Thanks to the many years of experience in digital marketing, social media and SEA, we offer the maximization of your digital investment, ensuring high performance and successful results.


We are fascinated by the emotions hidden behind each brand, the passion that each of our customers puts into their products or services. We believe the key to your success and the backbone of our work it is hidden right there. That’s why we tailor every strategy, so that you can see and recognize yourself in every result we get together.


Fashion, tourism, manifacturing, fitness … regardless your brand represents a product or a service, all the websites we create have in common a single strong point: the professionalism and the effort we put into building them. Each content we create is aimed at guaranteeing the highest quality, through a process of constant research and innovation.

Technical Expertise

Since already years immersed in the business environment, we boast a great knowledge in the field of web design and digital marketing. Our goal is to create content oriented to your customers, to ensure your business strong credibility and growing success. Your growth is our gain.

Let us inspire you

Today marketing is the very act of inventing the product, the art of designing it,
the ability to produce it, to define the price, the technique used to sell it.
Trust on 226Lab. Together we will be ready for this long and exciting journey.